Whatever conditions come your way, our high performance clothing is designed with technology for all of your outdoor adventures. We choose our fabric and suppliers very carefully and have been working with all of our suppliers for many years. We know trust and trust that they think and act in a responsible way towards the environment.


The Dannah helmet compatible hood is patented design to provide the best protection in cold or wet weather. The cold flexible peak and hood adjustment secure tightly and provide total coverage without restricting movement or visibility. The adjustment and hood has been designed for ease of use in inclement conditions. Simply fastening the main zip is all that is required to achieve protection.

New Technology

High density thermo flexible peak

3D mannequin moulds to shape the hood

3D patterning to create optimum movement

Fabric consumption reduced to make the garment lighter

porelle dry

Porelle Dry

Porelle Dry is a waterproof, windproof and breathable microporous polyurethane membrane that is: lightflexible and durable.

The key feature of the Porelle Dry film technology is its dry feel when used in active apparel applications. This membrane allows air permeability preventing moisture to condense.

Porelle Dry films are produced by a unique novel coating process which enables the formation of a uniform microstructure. This ensures consistent waterproofness levels even after multiple washes. Some competitor products have irregular cell structures, with large pores which can inherently lead to failure causing a decrease in waterproofness and breathability.

Porelle technology provides a unique solution that keeps your body dry and reduces the accumulation of sweat, keeping you in a comfort zone. It is cooling when you are active and warm when you are at rest.

Porelle microporous membranes are based on a polyurethane chemistry and are constructed from many small interconnecting micro pores less than 1µm in diameter.

Porelle microporous membranes are hydrophobic (water hating) and resist the passage of water, even under high pressure. The membrane breathes by allowing sweat in the form of water vapour molecules to pass through the microscopic pores driven by greater heat, and the higher density of water vapour molecules from the inside of the garment.

The unique combination of microstructure and polyurethane chemistry ensures that Porelle microporous membranes remain waterproof in use, even after repeated washes.

“I have designed this three-layer application to endure the demands of mountaineers, ski mountaineers and serious outdoor enthusiasts. Garments made with 3 layer Porelle Dry are engineered for rough terrain while protecting against the extreme changing and unpredictable conditions presented to mountain athletes. Many athletes prefer this type of technology as it maintains a dry feel when working hard in the most testing conditions. I have worked very hard in testing garments and fabric to find a membrane which meets and copes with what myself and athletes expect.”

– Richard Dannah MA

microporous membrane


New Fabric coming soon. Designed to provide the best comfort on the mountain. Durable waterproof protection, which is manufactured in an environmental and sustainable way.

Being Microporous the technical fabric is air permeable allowing maximum breathability meeting the demands of the outdoor professional and the serious enthusiast.

Microporous Fabric is Flourocarbon FREE, no PFC's

merino sheep


Properties of Merino

100% superfine or fine merino has been proven in independent research to out perform any other material. In addition, it has the advantages of being renewable, sustainable and depending on where it's made, the most environmentally friendly. Whilst it is expensive to produce, it can give better service in terms of wear and durability which outweighs its initial cost.



In cold weather, its crimped (wavy) fibres also contain millions of air pockets that lock in body heat to keep you toasty, our merino uses moisture absorbed from the environment to generate heat (a process called “heat of sorption”) this usually occurs as you place them on.

Quick Tip: when you take your spare merino out, dry out as much as possible, i.e. store in an airing cupboard, then place in a sealed bag. When you take out the merino and put it on, the process of heat of sorption is increased and you will have a nice fuzzy feel as you start our activity.



Synthetic fibres feel clammy because moisture vapour can escape only through holes in the fabric. But with merino, the fibre as well as the fabric breathes to prevent you overheating.



In warm weather, Dannah merino keeps your skin cool by transporting moisture vapour away from the skin to be evaporated. And because the merino breathes beautifully, moisture vapour escapes without making you feel clammy.

sun safe

Sun Safe

Dannah merino has a UPF (ultraviolet protection rating) of at least 50, which is considered the ultimate in sun protection. That’s higher than cotton and most synthetics.

Easy Care

Easy Care

Resilient Dannah merino is machine washable, dries quickly (on the line or on the back of a chair – not in a tumble dryer) and bounces back into shape without ironing, making it ideal for travelling.



Dannah merino pulls moisture vapour to the surface of the fabric, where it evaporates before the vapour turns into sweat. It can absorb up to 30% of its own weight in moisture before you even start to feel wet, and it dries fast.

light weight

Light Weight

Our merino has an exceptionally high warmth-to-weight ratio. The fine, lightweight fibres give you all the warmth of a heavy sweater – without the bulk.

odour resistant

Odour Resistant

Dannah merino resists odour naturally, and can be worn for days — even weeks — without washing.

fire safe

Fire Safe

Wool is the least flammable of fibres, and the safest to have next to your body. It’s self-extinguishing and, unlike synthetics, it won’t melt and stick to your skin – so it’ll keep you safe around the campfire.

Anti Static

Anti Static

Dannah merino is resistant to static electricity build-up, which means it won’t cling or rustle.


Design & Product Integrity

Dannah is a British company and all of our product design, R&D, and production development is done in the UK. We are unique in the outdoor industry as we choose to design, perform our own patternmaking and develop all of our products in-house

This allows us to readily explore new design concepts and gives us complete control over the development of new products. As more outdoor clothing brands move their design overseas.


We design all our product here in the UK and test out all prototypes on the mountains of Scotland and Peak District. Patterns are finalized and graded in the UK and the same patterns are used in all manufacturing facilities.


We carefully select all of our materials and components. My philosophy has always been to source the best quality materials available. We consistently use the same materials and components in every factory to maintain quality.


All products are constructed precisely as designed, using my advanced construction techniques.