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About Dannah


Doing something I love, gets me up in the morning. At Dannah designing something of quality, with great creativity and design is what makes me happy. To create and be outdoors at the same time, free to do what I love and to not harm the place we live is truly great.

I wanted to create a British company who celebrates the outdoors enthusiast as we brits live for the weekend. The gear I create must cope with whatever happens, wherever we are and whatever we are doing. Most outdoors people I know don’t just enjoy one sport, they will climb one day and be canoeing the next. We design clothing to be versatile.

Gear that we create can handle the British weather and adventures abroad. British weather is some of the most challenging in the world for being changeable and severe. Some of the weather in the wilds of North west Scotland can be similar if not worse than arctic conditions. Therefore Dannah want to build clothing that will last long enough and endure whatever you subject them too.



The design of it, the feel of it, hey, even the smell of it all matter. Yes, executing well is as important as the idea itself. We love how things look, but most important we love how it works.

Everything at Dannah starts with design and the way we design with concern for the environment. Whether we start with an idea or a request from one of our friends. We go through a process which will best reflect what we are all about.

Good design is versatile?

Dannah do not want to make things that are for one specific activity. To get the most out of clothing they have to be versatile so you'll get the most adventures and most use out of just one product.

Will it endure and last long enough?

Making something that lasts is not only good for sustainability, but also great for quality and value in the long term.

To become a lifelong companion.

Aesthetic has to feel up to date even if you have had a garment for many years, there is a careful balance to be made when choosing the right colour so you have to approach it correctly.

Helps us understand a product.

Ever been in a shop and been baffled by the technical talk on whatever your buying? Here at Dannah, we design some of the most innovative and advanced clothing around. We want to make clothing that does what it says on the tin! So it will deliver all you need whether running, climbing or just jumping in puddles.

Honest, nothing added that is not needed.

Clean design without the unnecessary details, only what is needed for the performance and function.

The Founder

I am Richard Dannah MA. I have been an outdoor performance sportswear designer for about Twenty years. I say 'about' because the bug for designing outdoor clothing was a lot longer than that.

In that time, I have designed for the best and most proficient outdoor brands in the country, and climbed with some of the best climbers in the world. Producing what are now iconic garments and which are bench marks within the world of outdoors and mountaineering.