QUALITY AND PERFORMANCE we produce the best outdoor clothing for harsh environments with minimal environmental impact Shop Now MICRO FLEECE DANNAH ALPINE JACKET MK2 MERINO BASE TEE BADGED WITH REFLECTIVE see our Alpine jacket working with Mountain Rescue Teams READ


Mountain Waterproof Jackets for the Outdoors.

High Performance clothing for outdoor activities for men and women. We manufacture apparel in accordance with our values: Sustainability by making products that last over time and make them with the least impact to the environment, using recycled or tougher materials that last longer and providing top quality value. Dannah Mountaineering clothing online for all kinds of outdoor activities: hiking, climbing, trail running, trekking and much more…


Made to Endure with the environment in mind and 100 PFC FREE

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With 23 years of Design experience in waterproof jackets & outdoor clothing design, using all my knowledge to create and build the best Jacket possible. Using the latest construction methods using 3D manikins to create Athletic movement and function to suit everyone in the Outdoor, whether they are hiking, climbing in the adventure.

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