Dannah Mountain Clothing

Using the most innovative techniques in design and development, with the added knowledge and experience of all things mountain, we produce the best outdoor clothing for harsh environments with minimal environmental impact.


The Idea is to create the best clothing for British conditions and the clothing will also excel anywhere in the world.


The story of Dannah

Dannah produces technical outdoor clothing for the outdoors life. For many years I have been dedicated in my search for finding the best materials, and methods to create garments that allow people to fully experience and appreciate the outdoors, without sacrificing the idea of being environmentally sensitive and to truly protect what is precious to us as individuals.


Made to Endure with the environment in mind

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  • Dannah Design
    37 Craigmore Road
    Isle of Bute
    Argyll and Bute

  • 01700 392156

Product Reviews

  • Rated 5 out of 5

    Lightweight Scottish Alpine Jacket (£330.00)
    reviewed by Stuart

    I'm feeling a bit better prepared for #climatebreakdown now. On top of that, eco sensitive materials used and the people who made it get a fair deal. Meanwhile the jacket is great, I like the feel when wearing this jacket - light but very robust. Did fiddle a bit with the hood to start. It is very helmet friendly which means bringing it in pretty tight on a bare head, but I now have the hang of it. The materials at least when new are stunningly functional. I like the colour. And I climb a bit.

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  • Rated 5 out of 5

    Women's Lightweight Alpine Jacket (£320.00 £260.00)
    reviewed by Anna

    After reading lots of reviews on a dozen of rain jackets, this one convinced me to try out the Dannah model: https://outdoorsmagic.com/article/best-waterproof-jackets-reviewed-2017/#bOwTWGAjqCxaQ05q.97. So far it holds its promise, I'm really satisfied : )

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