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Responsibly Engineered

Whatever conditions come your way, our high performance clothing is designed with technology for all of your outdoor adventures. We choose our fabric and suppliers very carefully and have been working with all of our suppliers for many years. We know trust and trust that they think and act in a responsible way towards the environment.


Free from Perfluorocarbons

There has been questions about per fluorocarbons in the past which is a rather nasty substance, and in its various forms does not bio-degrade. To make things worse it is also harmful to humans and the environment but is still widely used to finish the fabric on waterproof jackets. I found a finish which does not contain any perfluorocarbons and will bio-degrade and performs fantastically so I pride myself in not using materials or substances that can harm you, I or the world around us.


Porelle Manufacturers are very proactive in all things to do with the environment.

All of the electricity used to manufacture Porelle membranes comes from renewable technologies. Excess electric production is exported to the national grid, providing a positive impact to the wider community and our carbon footprint.

Porelle has invested in renewable energy to power our manufacturing processes and to reduce our carbon footprint:

  • 5 mW wind turbine
  • 4 mW solar photo voltaic array
  • Ensuring materials used on site are recovered and reused
  • Doubled the recycling of non hazardous materials in the last 5 years
  • Manufacturing membranes using recycled material
  • Oekotex compliance


Sustainable Merino

We recognise and actively encourage sustainable farming practices including environmentally aware processing, “landcare” revegetation projects and the creation of nature corridors.

Accredited Southern Hemisphere Fibre

Merino wool in Dannah products is sourced from either certified non-mulesed or ceased-mulesed farms in Australia and New Zealand. Traceability programs are co-ordinated and certified with companies such as new merino or Mapp to provide extra peace of mind.

Happy Healthy Sheep

All farms must comply with regulations governed by the RSPCA and the New Zealand Animal Welfare Act.

‘Fit for Purpose’

Fibre selection delivers fibre that meets our exacting standards.

Our suppliers use the latest in water saving technology

The dye-house’s low liquor dyeing machines use 40% less water than conventional dyeing processes. An onsite water treatment facility ensures water is recycled for cooling and cleaning.

Dyes and Auxiliaries

Dyes and auxiliaries used in the manufacturing process are accredited by organisations such as OEKO-TEX®, ensuring any chemicals used are compliant with global environmental codes.

A Fair Deal

Is ensured throughout the value chain with our forward contract system which offers stable and sustainable pricing.

Made to Endure

Most importantly Dannah makes quality products that last a long time and with proper care won’t need to be replaced for many years. As a consumer the biggest thing you can do is to not buy what you don’t need. If you do decide to buy something from us we want you to care for it so it lasts a long time.

As consumers we can all do our bit to repair, recycle and reuse.

We Use Bluesign® Approved Fabrics

The Bluesign® system is the solution for a sustainable textile production. It eliminates harmful substances right from the beginning of the manufacturing process which sets and controls standards for an environmentally friendly and safe production.

This not only ensures that the final textile product meets very stringent consumer safety requirements worldwide but also provides confidence to the consumer to acquire a sustainable product.