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Sustainable Merino

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  • We recognise and actively encourage sustainable farming practices including environmentally aware processing, “landcare” revegetation projects and the creation of nature corridors.
  • Accredited Southern Hemisphere fibre. Merino wool in Dannah products is sourced from either certified non-mulesed or ceased-mulesed farms in Australia and New Zealand. Traceability programs are co-ordinated and certified with companies such as New Merino or Mapp to provide extra peace of mind.
  • Happy healthy sheep. All farms must comply with regulations governed by the RSPCA and the New Zealand Animal Welfare Ac.
  • Our suppliers use the latest in water saving technology. The dye-house’s low liquor dyeing machines use 40% less water than conventional dyeing processes. An onsite water treatment facility ensures water is recycled for cooling and cleaning.
  • Dyes and auxiliaries used in the manufacturing process are accredited by organisations such as OEKO-TEX®, ensuring any chemicals used are compliant with global environmental codes
  • ‘Fit for Purpose’ fibre selection delivers fibre that meets our exacting standards.
  • A fair deal is ensured throughout the value chain with our suppiers forward contract system which offers stable and sustainable pricing.